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Zika Conspiracy August 3, 2016


Lock The Gates!

Conspiracy Nut!

Maybe yes and maybe no.¬† Anywhoo, here’s my theory. In a relatively short¬† time (within a year?) we could see the U.S. government and/or one or more state governments (as a federal surrogate) attempting to force the population to submit to blood testing for the Zika Virus. Not just a few folks in hospitals or in the military but rather squads of “bureaucrats” marching door-to-door to take people’s blood under the guise of public health necessity. Then, of course, the whole mess will make its way into the courts; and then…

Farfetched? Just another Conspiracy Theorist? Or… dot-connector extraordinaire.

We’ll see.

BTW, today is 8/2/2016. Set your alarm for 8/2/2017.


Open The Gates!




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