Win10 GAMEDVR Record a YouTube video demo

The following video was captured from YouTube using Windows 10  GAME DVR feature.  The DVR feature creates a MP4 file.    The example you see below is much smaller than you would see on your PC or tablet (WordPress limitation).


While the video below is not a “DIY video” you will get the drift.  The Win10 DVR feature gives you options on quality and resolution when you capture the video depending on your needs.  And you can capture lengthy videos (hours long).  The DVR feature is an easy way to capture a YouTube DIY which you can then copy to your tablet or phone and take with you (wifi not needed at that point!).  You can also add voice comments/narration using your microphone.


To start the video just click in the middle of the video screen below.


Lock The Gates!





Open The Gates!