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Why Tru mp wins Re-election August 30, 2019

Trump Wins Re-election

Before starting, the reader should keep in mind that I am neither a Trump supporter nor a hater or opponent of Trump in any way. But it’s been my observation that for almost ALL people it’s very difficult to comprehend that as a possibility (especially for the “haters”). That said…

It’s Labor Day weekend 2019 as I write this but it’s been at least since last January since I’ve been wanting to actually jot this down. Or, in other words, what you’re reading here was really being written about 2 years before the 2020 election; It just took some months to actually get it put down onto “paper.”  So this post is a kind of prediction  about the 2020 election made almost 2 years before it takes place.  It will be interesting coming back to this after the election.  But that’s still a long way away and a lot can happen between now and then.

So here it is.

Barring some major unforeseen change(s) between now (8/30/2019) and the 2020 elections I am confident that Trump will win Re-election and maybe will even win by a large margin.

“OK Google, play CNN Radio”
Due to a recent surgery I was forced to lay on my back for 5 complete days . Not fun. And though not really by choice, I used Google Home to listen to the audio feed of CNN on cable TV for ALL of one of those days. Well… at least from 8am to 9 pm. And this was not an audio “summary” of some sort. It was the actual audio of the TV broadcast. And guess what… except for about a mere 30 minutes the whole day was taken up by one attack against Trump after another. I was shocked and amazed! THE WHOLE DAY!


All I could think of was what my mother would say; “It’s not just WHAT you say, it’s HOW you say it.” To which I will add, “HOW” you say something also includes “HOW OFTEN” you say it.


At this point I urge you to read the following related article (called MeThinks) and then come back to this one.  That MeThinks article provides the foundation for this one and for my “prediction.”  If you don’t read it you may as well quit reading this one.

MeThinks<—- MeThinks article link. Click to read.

My conclusion is that how things are being said and how often they are said will alienate a portion of the voting population in a way that will drive a VERY SMALL BUT SIGNIFICANT population of voters into the “Trump camp.” Just a 1 or 2 percent shift of voters will be more than enough to give Trump a large victory. That would be an ironic and unintended consequence quite different from the intent of the CNNs and MSNBCs of the world. And I think the same is (will be?) true for those individuals we run across in our daily lives. That is, constant “bellyaching” won’t convert anyone and it may, in fact, have quite the opposite effect (in addition to being quite annoying).

Shakespeare would have easily seen all this coming methinks.!

You did read the related and required “MeThinks” article; didn’t you?

So that’s it. It will be interesting to come back to this article when the next election is held (in about 14 months).


The End

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