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Hey…I'm just saying… And while we're at it, why are you defending them?

Unintended Consequences May 14, 2017

Can you get wifi in the parking lot?

The NSA creates a hacking tool and what happens next?  You guessed it.  Hackers get hold of it which leads to…

Unintended Consequences

(At least we hope it was unintended)

The world is a fragile place; a very fragile place.

Entropy attacks in unexpected ways.

If they had just asked I’d have told them this was bound to happen.  No… seriously.  But hey… they don’t listen to me…. 

Although… once they stumble on this post maybe they’ll start.


Read this article — >>  GuardianNSAwannacryptor

And of course, you can find much more on the subject by using google.





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