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The Obama Legacy Bubbling To The Surface August 21, 2015

Obama approves off-shore drilling in the Arctic



THIS is not exactly the kind of CHANGE I was HOPEing for.

Looking for a legacy? – Obama’s might not bubble to the surface until after he leaves office.


It’s sad when a President Squanders a Stewardship

Obama could take a lesson from Reagan. That’s Nancy Reagan by the way… JUST SAY NO!

But instead he has been spending time designing his Presidential library which will now have a new addition called the


“It’s perplexing and depressing, quite frankly, to hear President Obama say he wants to fix climate change but then approve Arctic drilling. It’s like a doctor diagnosing a patient but then refusing to write a prescription,” said Rebecca Noblin, Alaska director for the Center for Biological Diversity.

“5 Years After Deepwater Horizon Disaster, Obama Pursues More Offshore Drilling “


What are the motives here?

I repeat

What are the motives?



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