The Most Hated Man In America

George Zimmerman was (is?) the most hated man in America. On a cold, dark, and rainy night he saw a young black boy walking suspiciously thru his condo complex. He was suspicious… as he should be.   After all George Zimmerman was the self-appointed “Community Watch” leader keeping the condo complex safe. Keeping his community safe. George must have muttered under his breath “What’s that fucking %!@#&* doing around here!? Looking to break into one of my homes no doubt.”   So the angry middle-aged white man grabbed his gun, stuffed it in his waistband, and set out to follow this punk %!@#&* and protect his neighborhood. Or, was he really going out to hunt?

While George followed the young boy he called 911. We all heard what Zimmerman said on that call. We heard it many times and it went EXACTLY like this:


“This guy looks like he’s up to no good or he’s on drugs or something.

It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about.

He looks black!






We all know what happened soon after that. Zimmerman hunted down the young black child and after a brief struggle, he overpowered him, and, according to the prosecution’s expert witness,  it was young Trayvon who was screaming for help


But, of course, at the behest of the defense attorneys, the judge decided to NOT allow that testimony to be heard by the jury. The judge was Ms. Debra Nelson who was appointed to the bench by none other than Rebublican Jeb Bush.


Even so, the jury did hear from  prosecution eye witness Jeannee Manalo.   She testified that  George Zimmerman was on top of the young boy, beating him as he was screaming for help.  All this just before George Zimmerman pulled out his high-powered 9mm pistol and shot him in cold blood.


But that would be just the start of the story. George Zimmerman would go on to justify his actions based on Florida’s Wild West vigilante styled  Stand Your Ground law.   After the “incident” the local police detectives questioned George multiple times (shown unedited in the trial videos).   They didn’t see any reason to charge him with a crime (of course). After all, George was the self-appointed condo watchman and cop wannabe defending his castle. He was simply “standing his ground” under state law and had every right to defend his property and his neighbor’s property with whatever means and severity that he, and only he, deemed “reasonably” necessary. It was a righteous Stand Your Ground shooting. The police and local District Attorney agreed. The case was closed. But was it….?


People got wind of what happened and they were outraged. There were protests and marches; and rightly so. George, an angry middle-aged white man, had brazenly gunned down a young unarmed black boy who was screaming for help and whose only crime was walking to the 7-11 to get a bag of candy. To get a bag of skittles!


The resulting protests and marches included the elite of the civil rights movement such as the Reverend Al Sharpton who had defended Tawana Brawley back when she was gang-raped by racist white police.  And of course Jesse Jackson who had counseled President Clinton during the vast conspiracy days. Even President Obama weighed in with “Trayvon Martin could have been my son… Trayvon could have been me 35 years ago.


In the wake of the protests, the state of Florida attempted to set things right and obtain some measure of justice. They searched for and found 3 top-notch special prosecutors who reopened the case and spent many months preparing to bring the white racist (“He looks black!“) vigilante to justice in spite of yet another Stand Your Ground” law in the South. These special prosecutors would do everything they could to make sure a fair jury would fairly weigh the evidence and find George Zimmerman guilty of murder and spend most, if not all, of the rest of his life in prison.


But something happened on that road to justice. George, without a penny to his hated name, managed to find himself a couple of slick high-priced lawyers to defend him. No doubt they took the case for the fame because, as we know, George Zimmerman could not ever hope to pay them even one thin dime. In any event, even with the best and admirable efforts of the beloved and competent prosecutors, the defense attorneys were able to mislead and befuddle an all woman southern jury and southern judge (Debra) into believing that George Zimmerman was justified in gunning down a very young black boy of slight build whose only crime was walking to the 7-11 to buy a bag of Skittles.





So George Zimmerman was able to get away with murder just like O.J.. And what did George do in the months and years since he escaped justice? Everyone has heard that he had many repeated run-ins with the lawwhich certainly shows what kind of person he really is and whose actions since his “acquittal” loudly demonstrates that he should be behind bars. How many crimes has George Zimmerman committed since he got away with murder!?


How many run-ins with the law must George Zimmerman have before he’s finally put behind bars!?

There’s a reason he’s the most hated man in America.





Anyway, if you’re interested in seeing George and his now-famous lawyers grin like Cheshire Cats while they con the sweet but obviously not-too-bright southern ladies of the Judge and Jury and lure them into believing that George was the victim, then just watch the trial.

Is there something in the water down south!?





Although there must be other sources,   I found the whole trial, unedited,  at this excellent YouTube channel (click below).  

Complete George Zimmerman Trial on YouTube

by croakerqueen123


Yes, it will take some time to watch the whole trial but it will be worth it.   You owe it to yourself.  You will be hooked. And you will be one of the select few who will actually know and understand what MOST people don’t;  how the lawyer’s con worked and how George Zimmerman got away with murder.




So what do you think?

Was this a pretty fair summary of the George Zimmerman affair?  If not then leave a comment (even a very extensive one) and tell me (and other readers) what you liked or didn’t like.

What was said that was just plain false?    What was true and on target?   What was said that was true but which was completely misleading because it was only part of the story?   What was said that never happened but which was/is just part of the popular/media narrative?  What was said that was just based on prejudice?  What was just plain stupid?  What was true and on target?

Did you ever actually watch the trial?… How much?  Less than 5 minutes?  Any of it?   If you said you watched more than 5 minutes then the odds are really really good that you are lying!   If you have not watched the trial do you think you are capable of rendering a fair verdict about what was said here?  Or,  is your opinion about what actually happened based on what you heard from [NameOfTalkingHeadGoesHere]?   After thinking about it, do you think the TalkingHead watched any of the trial?  How much?

What is your “public opinion” based on (the one you state to others)?  Is it largely based on fear (of being seen as or judged by others as a “racist”)?   Is your public opinion different than your private opinion?   Are you an angry middle-aged white man?  Was George Zimmerman white?  Was George Zimmerman middle-aged (how old was he?)?  Did you watch the trial?  (it’s very close to certain that you did not!).  Will you watch the trial?  (Again… it extremely close to certain that you will watch all of the “Hobbit” movies 10 times before you ever watch any of the trial… and that’s the truth).




THE TRUTH!?  The truth will set you free!