Texting vs. Talking

Am I the only one who’s noticed that as a society we have given up on trying to convince anyone that driving while talking on the phone is dangerous and irresponsible and is responsible for many thousands of deaths each year (many of them children).  We know that it’s on par with drinking and driving but for the most part we just can’t bring ourselves to acknowledge it.  Although there are some “deniers” out there, for the most part the vast majority of folks simply won’t talk about it.  And in fact, the vast majority continue to do it (but not me).

However, for some time now there’s been a “campaign” against texting and driving.  Granted that texting is more dangerous than talking.  With texting you take your eyes and brain off the road but with talking you only disengage the brain.  But we know all that and we have known it for years.  But doing something about it just isn’t in the cards.  It seems that we want to be able to talk on the phone while we drive and that we are willing to kill, maim, and injure others for it.  We’re hooked on it and we rationalize it by saying “Yeah… but those are just statistics.  I’m more than capable of multi-tasking.  In fact, I have been doing it for years and I haven’t killed anybody yet!”

It’s interesting to note that those most confident in their multi-tasking prowess are actually the least capable.

I have largely given up on trying to get others to abandon the practice.  I let them know but have mostly given up on preaching.  But if and when they get in an “accident” I will definitely say “I told you so”…. unless their child died in the “accident” in which case they’ll probably feel bad enough about it.  But I’ll be there for them.  I’ll be someone they can turn to.  They can call me… while driving to the funeral.



So remember kids, don’t text and drive, mm’kay!