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Hey…I'm just saying… And while we're at it, why are you defending them?

Stop Laughing – I’m Serious January 27, 2018




What are they trying to say?  Who are they trying to convince?; is it you (or me)?  Why?  Do they think that you (or me) can’t  figure out what the truth is?  Come on in…

Lock The Gates!


In the first video (below)… Are they trying to point the metaphorical finger at “the enemies of truth”…  or… are they pathetically pleading for you (me)  to believe that CNN tells the truth?  In either case,  why do they feel the need to convince the viewer?  Really…

Why does CNN  think they need to run an ad to convince the viewer that they are telling the truth?



In the second video (below)…  I particularly like the part where the narrator says

“over and over and over again”


Btw,  look on YouTube where you’ll find tons of interesting and clever variations on these CNN “ads.”




The End

Breaking News…

Got a response on the above to which I responded…


Chris said…

Those are shitty commentary/commercials….but you DO know
why they think they have to defend accuracy in
media…specifically when some elected official keeps saying they,
CNN SPECIFICALLY, are fake news?

Sometimes I forget how old we are and how much of history we actually
had to learn and LIVED through…not true for those 30s and younger …. If
it’s more than five years ago…it didn’t happen.

To which I responded…

No. I DO NOT know why they think they have to defend themselves.
 A “news” organization whether it be CNN, Fox, CBS, etc. …, should NOT
have to make an appeal, to their own viewers, that THEY are the ones telling the truth.
 In my estimation, they are admonishing their own viewers and implying
that they lack the level of understanding, insight, and general ability to determine that
CNN deserves their trust. I find it very bizarre; especially when, and not to beat a dead horse,
we’re mindful that it’s their own viewers that the “ads” are directed at. In general, it’s not a good thing
to call your own audience stupid and/or unsophisticated. It’s kind of like our spouse texting us many times
to say “Trust me. I wouldn’t lie to you.” And even if the spouse wouldn’t lie,
the texts may (would?) have the opposite effect. So that said… no… I DO NOT know
why they think they have to defend themselves. And in fact, I think that trying to defend themselves
in this way may (will?) lead to … And THAT is one of the main points of the posting.

And that’s the way it is. Trust me.  No, really, trust me.

Perhaps I should add all the above to the post.

Rebuttal? Would you like a rebuttal to be added to the post?

Chris responded…

No Rebuttal needed

Then I said…

ok.  so to close out this apple/banana thing……  i’m going with……
we are all agreed that the priest was superciliously
preaching to the choir no matter the truth/falsity of the sermon…  or is it supersillyously?
on a final note… i bet there’s some folks in the cnn pr department saying “damn.  i didn’t see that one coming.”


OK.  Now it’s THE END

Open The Gates!

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