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Stop Bernie Sanders February 12, 2016


Lock The Gates!

Bernie Sanders… The better he does in the popular/raw vote count, the worse he does, by a HUGE margin, in the delegate count!

The raw vote count in Iowa was essentially a dead heat with 49.9% of the raw vote going to Clinton and 49.6% going to Sanders. The delegate count based on the voting was similar with 23 delegates going to Clinton and 21 delegates for Sanders… Except that Clinton also got the the support of 6 extra superdelegates!

In New Hampshire, Sanders beat Clinton by about 60% to 38% and based on the ballot box, Sanders ended up with 15 delegates and Clinton got just 8. However… New Hampshire also has eight superdelegates. Six of them have endorsed Clinton, while two aren’t committed to either candidate. That means that Clinton tacked an extra six delegates on to the end!


All that said, did Bernie even mention any of this in the “debate that occurred just days after the NH primary? Uhhh… no. So after all of Bernie’s railing about how Wall St. and K Street and SuperPacs are subverting the election process he would not even mention how he is losing in spite of handily winning the popular vote. He does not even acknowledge the elephant in the room.

And this is why, imho, Bernie Sanders should not be considered a serious candidate for President. A vote for Bernie is a vote by and for an ostrich.

If you’re going to vote in the Democratic primaries you should vote for Hillary Clinton. She knows how to get the votes and she is the first proven and competent SysAdmin ever to run for office. Just don’t vote for Bernie; it will only encourage him and will end up wasting valuable Secret Service protection and uneaten breakfasts at pancake houses around the country.   And there’s only so many windmills to go around.


Stop Bernie Now!


NBC News

At the end of the New Hampshire tally Tuesday night, Sanders had amassed enough support from voters to earn 15 delegates, while Clinton grabbed just eight based on the ballot box.

In Iowa, the superdelegate picture was much the same. Clinton won by the narrowest of margins, but she snagged the support of six extra superdelegates. Sanders, who so far has only a dozen or so superdelegate endorsements in total compared to hundreds for Clinton, got none of those bonus points out of Iowa. (While Clinton has been endorsed by hundreds of super delegates, NBC News is only including in its total delegate count those superdelegates whose home states have already voted in the primary.)

Results from Iowa’s Democratic Party, announcing 100 percent of the precincts counted, gave Clinton a whisker-thin margin: 49.8 percent to Sanders’s 49.6 percent — setting up what is likely to become a prolonged contest for the Democratic presidential nomination.


Open The Gates!

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