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ShamWOW! January 24, 2015


So I turn on the TV this AM and on comes a new “Vince” commercial. You probably remember Vince from the ShamWOW commercials.



Anyway, this time he’s selling his new stain remover called InVinceable. Rather than me tell you about it, here’s a link to the official version on YouTube.

At the very beginning of the commercial  he says “Hey it’s Vince and I’m cleaning up my act with my new stain remover, InVinceable……”

Then at 45 – 55 seconds in he says, as he’s rubbing beet juice, iodine, and spaghetti sauce into his shirt, and then proceeds to spray and remove the stains with InVinceable Stain Remover he says:

“… If I could only clean up ALL my troubles this easy. Go ahead and rub it in a little bit…”

Now that’s funny!!

But hey! Are you saying “I don’t get it?”     Yes?

Then for only $9.95 you can turn your life around.

Make yourself a pop culture maven.

Be the center of attention at parties!

Listen to Dennis Miller without feeling inadequate!

Understand why the 2 lines mentioned above are funny!

And even understand where yadda yadda yadda comes from!








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