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Russian Porn In Vermont January 2, 2017


The Drama… the drama.

What REALLY Happened…

So let’s say you’re some red blooded and horny American guy at the beginning of your career. You can’t help yourself. You may even have been at work when… you know… you make a visit… you know… to that porn SITE… you know… the one with Anastasiya and Svetlana.

Or you may have been at home when you visited You thought it would be fun AND SAFE to put those kartinki on a thumb drive and take them to the office.  And you know, impress the boss by pretending to work, while… you know… with… you know… Svetlana.


Who would have thunk it? How were you supposed to know that Rooskie hacking shit you hear so much about would literally jump from your browser at work, on your lunch hour, into the power grid!? All you did was click on the phrase, in HUGE bold print, that said, “Click Here to see Anastasiya make Svetlana happier than Vlad on a horse.”


Or who knew that plugging that fucking “BestOfMoscow” thumb drive into your cubicle laptop would, somehow, fuck up your office computer and eventually take out power for all of Vermont!

Holy Shit!

But as Bob Dylan said…  God is on our side! The boss knew what to do when the shit hit the fan! He took the thumb drive from you and flushed it down the toilet in the Men’s Room. Then he picked up the phone and called the FBI and screamed “The Russians!… The Russians… They’re here!” Then the boss took you to McDonalds (for the wifi) where the two of you created a Yahoo! email account and sent NBC an anonymous letter on some real old piece of shit laptop. When it was all over the boss said “Throw this laptop in the dumpster at your apartment building. And, you owe me one. And it will be a big one.”


You owe him one… You owe him one… And what did he mean by the term “big one?”…. hmmm….. uh oh.

The drama… the drama.




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