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Raymond Shaw and Robert Mueller Part 2 April 19, 2018

This is Part 2  about the MSNBC “documentary” on Robert Mueller (and about trust).   Part 1 is required reading in order to appreciate what’s going on here.

Click HERE to review/read Part 1

Also, as with Part 1, this post is not about Trump. That said, if at any point you find yourself saying or thinking the word “Trump” then… well, you know the drill if you read Part 1.

Review of Part 1

The following information comes from the articles and videos linked to in part 1. You read/watched them, right?

We learned that MSNBC recently produced and aired a “documentary” about Robert Mueller. And we learned that Robert Mueller had been appointed the FBI Director shortly before 9/11. And that just a few weeks later there were the anthrax attacks.

Mueller personally took control of and personally managed the anthrax investigation and after a short time came to the conclusion that the anthrax “culprit” was one Steven Hatfill. After a long intensive investigation (which lasted 7 years!), and after destroying Mr. Hatfill’s life, a Federal court exonerated Hatfill and also determined that Hatfill should never have even been a “person of interest.” The Justice Department then settled with Hatfill and paid him $5.8 million for the suffering it caused him.

In addition, the FBI (and Mueller) had early on been warned and informed about the actual culprit who could have easily been captured immediately if the investigators (under Mueller’s personal tutelage) had simplyfollowed the access.You don’t buy anthrax at your corner drug store! There are very few places where anthrax is kept and the stuff is locked up tight behind strong doors with military guards and all access is meticulously documented! Even you or me could have easily tracked down the guilty party! But Mueller fucked up big time because he thought he was smarter than everyone else and instead “followed the bloodhounds” (quite literally! Read/view the articles/videos documented in Part 1).

So Mueller bungled the biggest case the FBI had ever seen. And he bungled it for 7 years! Until finally a Judge had to step in and put a halt to the travesty that Mueller had been “managing” for 7 years!

But this post is NOT about Robert Mueller…

So now we skip forward about 10 years to today where Mueller is in the news as a “special counsel” investigating President Trump. But again, this story is not about Robert Mueller; And again, neither is it about Trump.

It’s about trust

And now for the rest of the story…”

Today… 10 years later MSNBC produces a “documentary” (BioPic) about Mueller. You watched it when you read Part 1. You did watch it, didn’t you? Anyway, nowhere in that “documentary” was anything mentioned about Mueller’s Hatfill/anthrax case which he personally managed (bungled?) for 7 years until the courts had to step in to tell him to let it go! Did I mention it was one of the biggest and most important FBI cases ever? Did I mention that Mueller personally managed that case? Did I mention it went on for 7 years!?

Oh, I almost forgot. Did I mention that there is

no reference to any of this the MSNBC Mueller “documentary?”

I’m going to go way out on a limb and state that this “omission” was/is intentional. And I think it’s a safe bet that the omission was not due to some intern. Multiple people within MSNBC had to agree to not mention this extremely important 7 year period and the related events of Mueller’s life.  And I’ll bet they’re high up in the MSNBC food chain.

So who are they? Beats me. And why did they do this? Don’t know(but we both can speculate). But I bet Rachel could figure it out. Send her a tweet… after enough of them maybe she’ll accept the challenge.  Anyway, when all is said and done, will you now be at least Skeptical (with a capital S) about what appears on MSNBC? And after you think about all this for a while, what will your level of trust be vis-a-vis MSNBC?  Take your time before deciding.  I’m sure they took their time in deciding what you can’t see.

Now It’s The End Of The Story

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