Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

You can’t make this stuff up. Or maybe they can. Or maybe they did. Wait a minute!… I remember now… They did! Am I the only one who connects dots that they didn’t intend to be connected (or even noticed)?

Lock The Gates!

Last night (1/4/16) on MSNBC they brought in a fellow named Paul Farhi, of the Washington Post, to comment on and reinforce the host’s agenda regarding FAKE NEWS. The host, and Paul Farhi (of the Washington Post), were speaking on how horrifying “FAKE news” is



Did I mention that Paul Farhi is from the Washington Post?; the same Washington Post that was caught red-handed publishing the FAKE NEWS about “Russian hackers” penetrating the U.S. electrical grid via a Vermont electric utility. I love that word “penetrating.” And that was less than a week ago! But the MSNBC host AND Mr. Farhi seem to have forgotten that fact. All that said, here’s the shortened video from MSNBC.

You can find the entire video here:


And if you don’t know about, or want to be reminded about, the Washington Post’s FAKE NEWS story of 12/31/16 then just read the following posts.

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It’s a rather dramatic fall for an institution like the Washington Post to go from All The President’s Men to Fake,Fake,Fake,Fake (and then to pretend that nothing happened).  And for Paul Farhi, now an errand boy sent by grocery clerks.


Open The Gates!