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Hey…I'm just saying… And while we're at it, why are you defending them?

Obama – Reporters – Talking Heads – and $400 million August 6, 2016


Lock The Gates!


Yep…  “The reason that cash was exchanged is because we don’t have a banking relationship with Iran.”

Yep… sure… uh huh.  That’s it.  Why didn’t I think of that?

So…    the $400 Million was for something agreed to last January (7 months ago!) and in the entire federal government   there wasn’t anybody who could find a way to transfer $400 Million to Iran except for flying a plane load of cash (in a variety of currencies).


Now it doesn’t take a Rocket Surgeon to figure out that was a blatant lie.  But we’ll put that aside.  What’s more telling, and which speaks humongous volumes, is that not one so-called “reporter” challenged him on the issue!!!

“But Mr. President; are you saying that in the last 7 months  there wasn’t anybody in your administration who could find a way to transfer $400 Million to Iran except for flying a plane load of cash?  And did that make sense to you either then or now?”

And in the days that followed, I have NOT seen/heard  ANY TalkingHead (so-called “journalist”) who has broached the subject.  Not one.  Not Anderson Cooper, not Megan Kelly,  not Charlie Rose…. not anyone!

The Blatant Lies

followed by

The Roaring Silence.


The Presidential shameless  lie is trivial when compared to silence that has followed since.  But then we’ve all been well aware of that for a long time now;  haven’t we?

And yet many are incredulous that others would/will give full support to Donald Trump in spite of whatever foibles he may be said to have (and they are said, 24 hours a day,  by the same silent TalkingHeads and so-called reporters).


So that said…

Who “gets it” and who doesn’t “get it?”



Open The Gates!





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