It Begs The Question
Hey…I'm just saying… And while we're at it, why are you defending them?

New York Times and The Truth March 16, 2018

Shown below is one of the New York Times’    “truth” ads    that started with the Oscars in 2018 (3/4/2018). This ad campaign is akin to CNN’s This is an apple campaign. You may want to check the previous blog post for info on that CNN  “apple” campaign (click here).


NYT “TRUTH” ad follows


At any rate, the NYT “truth” ads, like the CNN “apple ads,” implore you to trust them. They implore you to believe that they tell you the truth… that they wouldn’t lie to you… all of which tells you… well, you decide.

So what does it really mean when a major media outlet begs us to believe that they are telling us the truth? I mean really, what is that all about?


Anyway,  i find it intriguing that now there are 2 major media outlets that are begging for us to believe them.  What’s THAT about?

And that’s the way it is. Trust me.  No, really, trust me.

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