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Gun Control and Penguins March 1, 2018

Following are two “public service announcements” (PSAs) that I have often seen… and seen mostly on the various cable “news” channels. And oddly enough, the two shown below are often shown in the same order as below and without a break between them.  The odds are good that you’ve seen them.

Take a look…





The “Ballerina” video is a PSA about drunk driving and the subject is given serious treatment. Oddly enough the “Ballerina” PSA is often followed immediately by the “Texting Penguin” PSA.


The Texting Penguin is a playful, joking, and amusing treatment of texting while driving (don’t forget to listen to the accompanying music). Put another way, it’s a light-hearted treatment of behavior that KILLS 11 TEENAGERS EVERY DAY in the U.S. (and kills adults and pre-teens too). But judging by the video one would think that texting while driving is a minor inconvenience at most (running into a snow bank… c’mon) and mostly a funny thing that happens (did you see the surprised look on the Penguin’s face and listen to the light-hearted music when it saw the snow bank?… how cute is that!).

And all that, of course, brings us to the cable/network “news”   non-stop topic du jour… schools, armed guards, failed background checks, 17 victims, Gun Control issues, ….. A serious and important topic to be sure.   Teenagers killed at school…  It’s infinitely more important and the priority is infinitely higher than a cute Penguin who for many years has been killing 11 kids per day.

“Be careful out there.”


But Wait!  There’s More!
After corresponding with a reader I realized I needed to add a little clarity to the point I am trying to make…

The point I was trying to make is that the Penguin psa, because of the non-serious manner/tone in which it was done, implies that texting and driving is only a very minor problem at best.  However, when we actually look at the stats we find it’s a way bigger problem than even school shootings but that it’s essentially ignored.

11 Dead

and 800 SERIOUS injuries EACH DAY!

And yet the psa is, how should i say it?… “Jovial.”   Am i the only one who sees this?

Anyway, it’s a VERY low-priority (no-priority?) public issue.



The End

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