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Feuerwache Wirkung April 29, 2016

GarrisonKeilor CarTalk

So today I just happened to have the radio on and tuned to NPR as I was driving to Dunderbach’s German Restaurant (you’ll realize the significance of it being a German restaurant later (I hope)).  Now I almost never  listen to NPR except to listen to Car Talk or Garrison Keilor.  But  today was different.  Just by chance the Diane Rehm show was on.  It’s a show I’ve heard before but which I don’t care for (her sense of humor is too…  how would I describe it…   Absent).   Anyway, today Diane was off and there was a sub in her place.  Today the show was GREAT and the segment I heard was about as informative as any I’ve ever heard in my whole life.  Yes, my whole life!     So I thought I’d bring it to you so we all can share it together.


If you have the time and patience then  I invite you to listen to just a 10 minute excerpt from the Diane Rehm Show (from today  Friday  4/29/2016).     I think you’ll see your world in a whole new light.


That said…Just press the Play Button.

Lock The Gates!


That’s it.  That’s all there is.  I think you’ll all agree that it was some of the most enlightening radio ever.


Well… gotta go.  It’s time for my favorite show!




Open The Gates!






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