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Fake News Followup December 20, 2016

Fake News Followup

Lock The Gates!

When I published the Fake News post I sent an email to some folks letting them know about it. The email was short…

Subject: Fake News – And now for the rest of the story…

Roger Staubach goes after Trump over insult!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Fake News | It Begs The QuestionIt Begs The Question




A few days later I received an interesting  response from one of the recipients:

Subject: Re: Fake News – And now for the rest of the story…

you actually used Fox News are [sic] reference for truth…

whats the matter the National Enquirer or The Onion didn’t cover the story.



My reply was…

Subject: Re: Fake News – And now for the rest of the story…

Fox was not the reference for truth. However, it indeed was the Fox News video that got me to actually READ the actual (so-called) “article” in order to actually find out the truth. But hey… who actually reads more than a headline anymore? Anyway, all that said, as a reference for the truth we can use the actual article.   It only takes a couple of minutes to read it. Anywho… I’m stumped… No matter how many times I read it I just can’t find where Staubach “goes after” Trump over an “insult.” I know the headline says it’s so but whenever I read it I just can’t find it. Very perplexing.

Roger Staubach goes at Donald Trump over Army-Navy game insult



Some interesting aspects of this Fake News followup are:

1-  Apparently the use of Fox News bothered him/her. But it’s my observation that this is true for MANY people. And that it’s all part of the “identity politics” phenomenon which I think more accurately is about “tribalism.” For many people (who identify as “Democrats?”) Fox News equates to Republicans which equates to tribal threat blah blah blah. Likewise, CNN/MSNBC equates to Democrats which equates to a threat to… Anyway, that’s my theory.

You may want to read Tribe by Sebastian Junger.   Or, there are 2 good videos (interviews) on Follow the link below.



2-   I was surprised that he/she apparently did not actually read the CBS Fake News “article” even though it was very short and prominently linked to in my own Fake News post. I (wrongly) assumed that a reader of my Fake News post would actually also read the actual CBS fake article; apparently a bad assumption. I’m guessing that the mere mention of Fox News was a showstopper for him/her.

So what’s the takeaway?

For many, only the headline matters?

We can’t be bothered with details no matter how easy to learn?

The “truth” is based on what tribal newsource we follow?

Open The Gates!

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