Comey And The Drama The Drama

The drama.   The drama.

Shortly after I first published this post I was discussing it with a friend who had read it.  The first thing he/she wanted to do, and what he/she repeatedly wanted to do, was to say… “But Trump this…”   or   “But Trump that…”   I had to continually remind him/her that

This posting is NOT about Trump.  

It seems that so many people want to conflate issues about anything even remotely political with issues about Trump.  I see it constantly and I am sure you do too.  The classic case is Rachel Maddow… but she’s into it on a much different level (Tin Foil Hat  level).  And she’s entertaining in a obsessive / compulsive / train wreck  sort of way  but still wildly entertaining.  I often watch her show and wish I could date her.  Then I could make the movie “My dinner with Rachel.”    But I digress… Let me repeat;

So many people want to conflate issues

about anything even remotely political

with issues about Trump.

To all who do that, STOP!  Just STOP!  Make the effort to develop other interests!  That said let’s continue…

Lock The Gates!


And remember… this posting is NOT ABOUT TRUMP

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“Former FBI director James Comey hinted Thursday at the identity of the source who provided to the media the content of his memos of conversations with President Donald Trump.”

Comey said his source, which he instructed to provide information on the memos to the media, was a Columbia law professor who was a close friend.


So why was he so coy? Why not just name him? Oh, I get it; because he makes himself look “loyal” to a good friend even though we all know, including Comey,  that with the info he gave out it would only take someone about 10 minutes (or less) to figure out who he was talking about. Does anyone really doubt this?

Daniel Richman was later revealed to be that professor. He confirmed that he was the source of the memos’ contents to The Huffington Post and other outlets.


So what was the deal with all of the Comey drama?

Why all the drama and the so-called “leaking” thru a “friend?”

Does this really constitute a “leak” or is it a charade?

Charade: an absurd pretense intended to create a pleasant or respectable appearance.

The drama…The drama.




Comey knew he was going to talk about all of this in a few days anyway! Why not just release his own memos himself?

No balls? Likes the spotlight? Likes the buildup to his appearance?

But he’s an upstanding guy with integrity.” Uh Huh… Sure… That’s why he dragged his “good friend” into the whole affair. Yeah… let’s go with that… upstanding and loyalty to a friend.


OK;  after you’ve thought about it for a while…

How much of the “Comey story”  do you buy?

How much of the “Comey story” did you buy last October?

Are we starting to see a pattern here?



Open The Gates!