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Colors April 15, 2015


Heading 1

14 pt Bold Color BurntOrange 14 pt Bold Color BurntOrange on plum 14 pt Bold Color white on burnt orange   14 pt Bold Color Orange

 14 pt Bold Color Amber

 14 pt Color Amber

14 pt Bold Color Gold 14 pt Bold Color Red dasdfasdfsfdasfssa   14 pt Bold Color magenta     14 pt Bold Color pink   14 pt Bold Color Red  on  LightYellow  14 pt Bold Color black on  light peach

 this is text on col 1 row 1

line 2 is next xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx ljk;lj;lj ouipoupou poupou oiupou oupou pouipou ouipou oupou oupou ouipou

this will be

column 2 which I got to by using tab.

this is column3

and again I got there with a tab.

  I am an expert in some things but I am new to subscribing to blogs.  That said,  here’s what works if you are using Internet Explorer (IE). IE has built-in RSS feed capability and WordPress (and hence this blog) has the ability to supply such a feed.  That said, to subscribe to this blog if you are using IE

  • Scroll to the bottom of this post (or any post or page for this blog).
  • You will see 3 columns.  In the right side column you will see “Meta” and under that is a link that says “Entries RSS.”  Click on it.
  • IE will then present you with info about the RSS feed for this blog and in the upper-left corner you will see a link that says “Subscribe to this feed.”  Click on it.   IE will then ask you where to create the entry in IE for this blog’s feed.  My preference is the Favorites Bar.

Or, for a variety of helpful videos on the subject of how to subscribe to a RSS feed in IE,  go to and do a search for “how to use rss feeds in internet explorer”  Here’s a link to one that’s pretty good that you’ll find in your YouTube search. Video by howtech *********** end of post *************

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