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College Tuition and Student Debt April 8, 2018

Tuition And Student Loan Debt

The “complaint” sometimes (often?) heard is that a major factor in the student loan debt crisis is the “huge” costs due to tuition. More to the point, a major “complaint” is that tuition costs are astronomically high resulting in crushing student debt just to pay the cost (of tuition). The question, vis-a-vis the discussion we were having is whether tuition is a major factor; or more importantly, must the cost of tuition necessarily result high student debt?

Florida State Univ. Tuition

In-State $4,640/year  ($18,600 for 4 years). I’d say that’s pretty damned good!

However, if one goes to a community college for the first 2 years then the total tuition over 4 years will be about $13,000. In other words, graduate from Florida State for about $13,000 in tuition.

UCLA and all other UC system schools

In-State $12,600/yr about $50,000 for 4 years. That’s a whole lot more expensive than when I attended and $50k is significant. BUT…

Again, however, if one goes to a California community college for the first 2 years then the total tuition for those 2 years is only $2208. Or

graduate from UCLA for a total tuition of $27,408 (quite a savings when compared to $50k).

UCLA has shattered its own record as the nation’s most popular college choice for high school seniors, attracting more than 113,000 freshman applications for fall 2018, according to preliminary data released Thursday.

California State Universities

If one decides to instead attend a California State University (as opposed to a UC system school) then the tuition is only $5742/year or about $22,000 for all 4 years! Or, and again, one could attend a community college for the first 2 years then the tuition cost for all 4 years totals out to about $13,700. That’s pretty damned cheap to attend one of the many excellent universities including Cal-Poly, San Jose, San Diego, etc.

The Takeaway

One can, if they want, pay enormous amounts in tuition and they can finance it with student loans;  but they don’t have to.   The cost of tuition does NOT have to result in crushing debt in order to obtain an excellent college education.

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