Blocking Web Sites like

I have often found that I get fooled into clicking on some kind of “news” or other “article” on yahoo news and even on google news that actually resides on  Here’s an example:


Forget about ordering the meal…  No Matter What, Do Not Click on any “news” or “article.” is one of the worst web sites out there where they get you to click on ads or other web sites by cleverly disguising links to ads or other crap in the form of… Well, if you’ve ever gotten sucked into an “article” or “news” on then you know what I’m talkin ’bout. So I finally decided to do something about it.

  • I never go to yahoo news or the yahoo home page anymore. And I’m selling all of my yahoo stock. Now I go to google’s news to get a summary.
  • Also, I have blocked on my PCwhich is actually the subject of this post. If you google “blocking web sites in IE11” you will find multiple techniques documented but the following is the one that was 100 percent reliable for me but it involves modifying your hosts file so some of you may be a little shy about using this method.

As Administrator, use Windows Explorer to show the files in folder


You will see the hosts file. Make a backup copy just in case.



Now run Notepad as Administrator and edit


and add a line(s) at the bottom to block any web site(s) you want by directing Windows to look for it at IP address like so…


Then just save the hosts file and test via your browser.

btw, Microsoft documents how to do it just using IE 11 settings but for some reason it did not work 100% of the time for me (but I don’t know why not). Here’s a link to the Microsoft page for dealing with the problem just in the browser (you may have better luck but I did not get 100% satisfaction with the technique).

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