Why Tru mp wins Re-election

Trump Wins Re-election Why Before starting, the reader should keep in mind that I am neither a Trump supporter nor a hater or opponent of Trump in any way. But it’s been my observation that for almost ALL people it’s very difficult to comprehend that as a possibility (especially for the “haters”). That said… It’s […]

Robert Mueller Same Old Stripes

Before you read this article you should probably read the first two articles about Robert Mueller: Part 1 – Raymond Shaw Is The Most… Raymond Shaw and Robert Mueller – Part 2 That said… take off your MAGA hat…  or put away your “I’m With Her ”  2016 campaign yard sign.  Because this article is […]

One More Thing

Just one more thing sir. Would you happen to know how much the Sum of the Reciprocals of Odd Composites is? See the footnotes for links to the prior related posts that lead up to this one. I don’t know how this happened but recently I was thinking about the whole “Math Mystery” thing which […]


The consequences will be unexpected…Methinks Act 3  –  Scene 2 Hamlet makes a cup of coffee with his Keurig. When it’s done he picks it up and walks into the den and turns on the TV with the nearby remote. As the TV comes to life a talking head starts to speak. As the talking head […]

For Want Of A Nail

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JLA:_The_Nail_series This just in… From Smerconish on CNN today: “Did long-shot candidates just upend 2 more elections?” Watch the video from today’s Smerconish (8/11/18).     “Manchik was roundly attacked on Twitter as spoiling the Democrats’ hopes even though…”    Translation: If the alien from Pleiades hadn’t run on the Green Party ticket then the […]

Throwing Spaghetti — More Mika

Let’s see if this shit sticks… Mika throws a plate of spaghetti against the wall.   Here’s why we can’t believe Mika.  If she really believed this stuff she would have a moral obligation to the whole world to do something about it and that would include,  first and foremost,  naming those close to Trump […]

I Know Someone Who

    “I know someone who spoke to Donald Trump recently …” WHO IS IT!?   YOU CAN TELL US!    You’re a great journalist and well connected.  You can tell US  who told you this!  We all know you wouldn’t lie about such a thing  but we are all more than curious!   Come on, tell us!   OOOH […]