Apple FaceID

The video down below was on SquawkBox the other day.  It’s about the use of biometrics;  specifically facial recognition.  They have their place but don’t kid yourself… they should NOT be the ONLY thing.  The “password,”  or better still, the passphrase is still vital.  Remember, you can change a password but once your biometric data is stolen

there’s nothing you can do!  I am surprised that aspect was not discussed in the following video.  Also, we continually hear “experts” (including the one in the video below) saying that people are just too lazy or stupid to use passwords effectively.  That may be true for some but not for all!  Not all people have a problem with passwords but because some do, the so-called “experts” often say we should abandon them.  That is, that we should abandon one of the 3 pillars of identity which is “WHAT YOU KNOW.”   That’s just absurd and it shows the ignorance of some of these so-called “experts.”  Personally,  I would NOT use a device/system that did not offer the password/passphrase as at least one part of the security/identity equation.   You may also want to read a prior post/article on passwords for additional info.

Steve Jobs’  face recreated from his  stolen biometric data.  Hold this photo  up to an iPhone and you too can be Steve.


Anyway,  here’s the SquakBox video.


The End