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Amazing Story January 28, 2017



The Amazing Story


This is an amazing story. It begins back in 1990 and continues even as we speak.

It takes about 26 minutes to hear/see the whole story but I think you’ll find it’s time well-spent if you can give it your attention; especially without skipping parts.

This is the story of the century. It makes WoodStein look like amateurs. Or…  Anyway, 26 minutes is a tiny price to pay for what may be the story that will be talked about for hundreds of years; or it may be… In any case I find it more engrossing than any Harry Palmer adventure. It starts out a bit slow but builds steadily until, by the end, we say to ourselves

“HOLY SHIT! How come this isn’t the lead story

on every newscast every day all day?”


But seriously… how come? See what you think.

Due to GoDaddy file size limitations, the story had to be broken up into 5 videos of about 4-5 minutes each.

Btw, who should play the part of Christopher Steele?


Part 1 of 5 below.


Part 2 of 5 below


Part 3 of 5 below

Part 4 of 5 below



Part 5 of 5 below


Holy Shit!

Short Summary below

An amazing story… right?






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