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Comey And The Drama The Drama June 11, 2017

The drama.   The drama.

Shortly after I first published this post I was discussing it with a friend who had read it.  The first thing he/she wanted to do, and what he/she repeatedly wanted to do, was to say… “But Trump this…”   or   “But Trump that…”   I had to continually remind him/her that

This posting is NOT about Trump.  

It seems that so many people want to conflate issues about anything even remotely political with issues about Trump.  I see it constantly and I am sure you do too.  The classic case is Rachel Maddow… but she’s into it on a much different level (Tin Foil Hat  level).  And she’s entertaining in a obsessive / compulsive / train wreck  sort of way  but still wildly entertaining.  I often watch her show and wish I could date her.  Then I could make the movie “My dinner with Rachel.”    But I digress… Let me repeat;

So many people want to conflate issues

about anything even remotely political

with issues about Trump.

To all who do that, STOP!  Just STOP!  Make the effort to develop other interests!  That said let’s continue…

Lock The Gates!


And remember… this posting is NOT ABOUT TRUMP

Now click play



“Former FBI director James Comey hinted Thursday at the identity of the source who provided to the media the content of his memos of conversations with President Donald Trump.”

Comey said his source, which he instructed to provide information on the memos to the media, was a Columbia law professor who was a close friend.


So why was he so coy? Why not just name him? Oh, I get it; because he makes himself look “loyal” to a good friend even though we all know, including Comey,  that with the info he gave out it would only take someone about 10 minutes (or less) to figure out who he was talking about. Does anyone really doubt this?

Daniel Richman was later revealed to be that professor. He confirmed that he was the source of the memos’ contents to The Huffington Post and other outlets.


So what was the deal with all of the Comey drama?

Why all the drama and the so-called “leaking” thru a “friend?”

Does this really constitute a “leak” or is it a charade?

Charade: an absurd pretense intended to create a pleasant or respectable appearance.

The drama…The drama.




Comey knew he was going to talk about all of this in a few days anyway! Why not just release his own memos himself?

No balls? Likes the spotlight? Likes the buildup to his appearance?

But he’s an upstanding guy with integrity.” Uh Huh… Sure… That’s why he dragged his “good friend” into the whole affair. Yeah… let’s go with that… upstanding and loyalty to a friend.


OK;  after you’ve thought about it for a while…

How much of the “Comey story”  do you buy?

How much of the “Comey story” did you buy last October?

Are we starting to see a pattern here?



Open The Gates!




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The Home Storage Gold IRA Solution June 6, 2017

Home Storage Gold IRA – What Was Weird Solution


Look at the photo above.  It’s from the very beginning of the commercial.  

How far did the DOW plummet?

How far could it possibly plummet?………….Now we understand the problem.



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The Home Storage Gold IRA

So I’m watching the tube today and I see an ad from “The Capital Gold Group.” It’s about how you can have an IRA where you invest in gold and actually have the gold delivered to your home where you store it yourself (in a hole in the back yard?). Anyway, the beginning of the commercial went by VERY fast but somehow it really caught my eye. It made me ask “Did it really say that? Or did I imagine it?” It was so interesting and strange I had to pause the TV and get my camera/phone to take a photo of the TV screen.

Here are a couple of photos from the commercial. Can you guess what is so interesting/bizarre? No… I’m not going to divulge it just yet (the discovery process is supposed to be fun). Just study the photos and when you are ready you can click on the link at the bottom of this post to find out what is so strange; at least, what I thought was strange.



Anyway, the 2 links just below go to the Capital Gold Group’s web site (or you can google them and get there that way). The second link is more to the point and takes you right to their “StoreTheGoldAtHome IRA” product.


Now click here —>> For the answer why I thought their TV commercial was so weird.


The End





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Tin Foil Hat Area June 4, 2017



Shhhhhhh!   Let’s listen in….

Lock the Gates!


Did I just hear her say that it was actually Trump that told the Russians what to do?

That Trump told those damned Roosskies what to release and when?

And did I just hear that those damned Macedonians fucked her over too?

And they were also responsible for her losing… with their damned Macedonian

internet FakeNews sites that fooled us, the American voters.

Yup… it almost fooled me too… and now I’m pissed! Did it fool you?

If only Jeb had done his part and won the nomination! 

Then the world would have made sense again. It’s all Jeb’s fault!…

Those fucking Bush bastards…

I just don’t understand why others can’t see what I do…

Why they can’t connect these dots.

I just don’t understand.

I’m so depressed.

Open The Gates!



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Build A Secure PC Environment June 1, 2017

This post is about how to build and use a very secure PC environment.  Not much to say here because for this article

I decided to put it all into a PDF document that you can access/read by

clicking here—>  SecurePCasPDF




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Dan Rather – I Remember That Asswipe May 19, 2017

Dan Rather on Rachel Maddow…

And on other “news” shows where they’ve conveniently “forgotten”

why Dan Rather was fired from his job as the

anchor on the CBS Evening News.

So watch the video. Then… (see below)…



Maybe you are too young, or maybe you don’t remember, or maybe you never cared. But maybe, just maybe, you’re as amazed and outraged as I am that ANY of these “news” nets would EVER even give Dan Rather the time of day let alone put him in front of a camera; Because

I know why Dan Rather was fired from his job

as the anchor on the CBS Evening News.

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Unintended Consequences May 14, 2017

Can you get wifi in the parking lot?

The NSA creates a hacking tool and what happens next?  You guessed it.  Hackers get hold of it which leads to…

Unintended Consequences

(At least we hope it was unintended)

The world is a fragile place; a very fragile place.

Entropy attacks in unexpected ways.

If they had just asked I’d have told them this was bound to happen.  No… seriously.  But hey… they don’t listen to me…. 

Although… once they stumble on this post maybe they’ll start.


Read this article — >>  GuardianNSAwannacryptor

And of course, you can find much more on the subject by using google.





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How many Dr Phils are there?


There are so many amateur psychologists on the news these days.  And everyone on a news “panel” seems to have astounding insight into the subject’s motivations, their deepest fears, and of course, their mommy or daddy issues.  I believe them; don’t you?

BTW, it’s been a long time now but when was it that the “news” stations/programs went to All Panels All The Time?  When did that start?  And who are these people?  And did you notice that for a long time they all used to talk all over each other until eventually the “news” folks decided to have the “moderator” always say out loud, which “panelist” they wanted to hear from; translation… everyone else shut up.

Here are a few psychobabblers I saw recently that you may also find entertaining.  Remember, don’t pay attention to what they are saying but rather pay attention to what they are saying.

Lock The Gates!

Few people are as insightful as George Will….Give about 7 seconds to start.

And lest you might think that George is a progressive liberal who wants to save the world by exposing Trump’s inner psyche then read this –>   GeorgeWillOnRape   (especially if you are female).


Now for Bill.  I never found him funny or interesting in any way.  Just smug with greasy slicked-back hair.  Anyway, you may have heard of the following….




Open The Gates!





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Harmonic Series Of Primes Divergence February 9, 2017


____     =    G





____________     =     G



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Amazing Story January 28, 2017



The Amazing Story


This is an amazing story. It begins back in 1990 and continues even as we speak.

It takes about 26 minutes to hear/see the whole story but I think you’ll find it’s time well-spent if you can give it your attention; especially without skipping parts.

This is the story of the century. It makes WoodStein look like amateurs. Or…  Anyway, 26 minutes is a tiny price to pay for what may be the story that will be talked about for hundreds of years; or it may be… In any case I find it more engrossing than any Harry Palmer adventure. It starts out a bit slow but builds steadily until, by the end, we say to ourselves

“HOLY SHIT! How come this isn’t the lead story

on every newscast every day all day?”


But seriously… how come? See what you think.

Due to GoDaddy file size limitations, the story had to be broken up into 5 videos of about 4-5 minutes each.

Btw, who should play the part of Christopher Steele?


Part 1 of 5 below.


Part 2 of 5 below


Part 3 of 5 below

Part 4 of 5 below



Part 5 of 5 below


Holy Shit!

Short Summary below

An amazing story… right?






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