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Gerry’s Chen Based YAPFO Theorem Proof

Yep!  Yet Another Prime Factor Oddity project.



Obama’s $400 Million Blatant Lie Followed By….

An  obvious bald-faced blatant lie, by the President of The United States… followed by… A Roaring Silence?





Let’s play “Is it racist or is it Fauxrage?”

BuddyEdited  Tribute To Mrs. Buddy


TRNG – The TRUE Random Number Project

There’s Random Numbers and then there are TRUE Random Numbers.  The Truth is out there… In C-Sharp

The Most Hated Man In America

“The truth is out there”  –  And it’s on YouTube!

Obama runs off the rails.

Obama approves and defends Arctic drilling.  A Legacy Lost and a Squandered Stewardship.   A story that got virtually no media  attention…  Why?


A True Story

From WW II a Naval Aviator’s “most memorable experience” while serving on the U.S.S.  Hornet

True Story Follow-up

Google and the internet yield WW II  photos and a couple more amazing and true stories.


Disney fingerprints your children when they enter the theme parks.   

Beware!   The Magic Kingdom is now the Creepy Kingdom.  Is your child’s identity in danger!?  You decide.  A MUST READ!!!

Disney Fingerprint Scanners – Do You REEEAAALLY Want To Touch It?

If Disney fingerprinting you and your children isn’t creepy enough then think about this!!!


The White House gets some bad advice – Eliminate Passwords – Really!

Eliminate Passwords… Think you’ll be better off?… Are you sure?

Texting vs. Talking

Texting is bad, mmmkay.


Music Visualization Techniques – A Technical Discussion

Techniques for graphically representing music in the GloPlug visualization plugin for Windows Media Player

Music and Programming From A Different Lifetime

Long ago in a 4/4 time far away  MIDI, synths, music, and developing music software was a big thing…  With a bunch of sample songs you can play!


Fermat’s Last Theorem – In C++ and then in C#

  Fermat’s Last Theorem was the basis for a recreational (hobby) program  –  First in C++ then in C#

 Sum Of Powers – 2nd C# Program

Fermat’s Last Theorem program gets generalized to Euler’s Sums Of Powers

 Sum Of Powers – Code Optimization

Eliminating Duplicate Solutions leads to an unexpected consequence…Speed

Sum Of Powers – Using REALLY BIG Numbers – A Useful TAUTOLOGY

Enhancing the Sum Of Powers program to use HUGE NUMBERS and a rare chance to apply a USEFUL  TAUTOLOGY

Sum Of Powers – BIG NUMBERS – Clarifying The Technique

This post tries to clarify the technique for using the BigInteger class


 The Irony Of Infinity

What takes 200 years to find?  I’ll give you an example…

 What Are The Odds!?

It’s not Statistics 101 and it’s not coincidence;  It’s risible.

 SuperBowl Parties

I had no idea they are so popular.  I must be living under a rock.

ShamWOW – Vince Returns!

Vince has no problem making fun of himself.

Brian   and   Ruth

May you live in interesting times.

Bee Colony Collapse news article from Yahoo!

Any thoughts on this news article

Blocking Scummy Web Sites like

Have you been sucked in to


Let’s Make A Deal!   –   The Monty Hall Problem

Pop Culture Probability and Confusion.  Google it and see how many hits you get!

A Monty Hall Gedankenexperiment

Yes,  our choice WILL make a difference.

The Monty Hall Prophecy

Just when we thought we understood we find that   “NO, OUR CHOICE WON’T MAKE A DIFFERENC!”    What’s going on!?

Monty Hall Gedanken – Part Deux – 100 Doors

It’s short and sweet and shines an intuitive light on why you should switch.


The Famous Watch Story

Can the Hour, Minute, and Second hands divide the face of a watch into 3 equal pieces?

Testing Numbers For Primality

Is that number Prime?  Fermat’s Little Theorem and Miller-Rabin techniques are used in this C# Program

The whole Visual Studio C# project in a ZIP file can be downloaded.

Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeders

The little bastards are smart.  But I have opposing thumbs and access to Home Depot!


Prologue To Gerry’s Goldbach Theorems

Easy reading intro to the theorems;  it  emphasizes their curious properties and relationship.

Gerry’s Goldbach Conjecture is ProvedBecomes a Theorem

Will it change the world? Time will tell…  The truth is out there.

Another New Goldbach Speculation Is Proved – Becomes a Theorem

When insomnia strikes at 2:00 AM  it’s  Coast To Coast talking about faces on MARS, or, See what can be done with Goldbach’s Weak Conjecture.  The truth is out there…when you can’t sleep!


A Connection To Goldbach Inside The Difference Of 2 Squares

Only when we start digging do we EVEN notice an ODD  trait  shared between Goldbach’s Strong Conjecture and The Difference Of 2 Squares

The Truth is still out there  and this time it’s EVEN more ODD.

E = Half The Difference of 2 Squares is  Oddly EVEN more Interesting

Like The Difference of 2 Squares it’s so simple.  But the simpler it gets the curiouser and curiouser it gets.

As Agent Smith says… “EVEN or ODD?”


Windows 10 Game DVR recording demo using Gloplug Music Visualization system

What You See and Hear is What You Get.

Windows 10 Game DVR YouTube video capture demo

Ain’t technology grand!


Stop Bernie Sanders

There are good reasons why Bernie Can NOT and Should NOT win the Democratic nomination.


We all have them?


Feuerwache Wirkung

Insightful Is The Only Way To Describe It…  Yeah, That’s It!!!  … Insightful!


Zika Conspiracy?


If I wanted everyone’s DNA in a database this is how I would do it.  Or… maybe I just see too many movies.


Cleared For Takeoff!?


Gotta go and gotta go NOW!


Internet Advertising

Due to the “mechanical” nature of Ad placement on the internet…SheWithUs



Quest For a SIMPLE Proof of The Divergence of the Harmonic Series of Primes

Divergence_OresmePortrait                 Sometimes we have to look at something differently to get somewhere.


What Does That Even Mean!?


Here we take the notion of “natural” ingredients to a new level.  Also… Whole Paycheck expectations.



God Has OCD


Prime Factors – To Share or Not To Share – Sometimes Or Always Or Never – Those Are The Questions. 

God Has OCD – Part Deux

Sharing Prime Factors in Sum Of Powers Formulas – There’s a Shortage Of Remainders!



The Russians are coming!  The Russians are coming!


Fake News!

Even the media that extolls the evils of Fake News is a participant.  What’s the world coming to?

Fake News Follow up

Sometimes the headline isn’t enough.  Sometimes we actually should READ some detail.


One Thing Leads To Another

We start out creating a Class Library and we end up with spreadsheets and a whole new appreciation for internet security


The Russians Are Coming!  The Russians Are Coming!

Quite dramatic I do say.


Fake Fake Fake Fake

Looks like The Russians Are Coming posting was closer to the truth than…


Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain OR To The Elephant In The Room

Look!  It’s another “news” channel panel in a circle jerk.  Did I mention he’s from the Washington Post?



Brilliant, Wacko, or Super Drama Queen Acting?

Whatever it is, it’s wildly entertaining and you never know where she’ll go next!


An Amazing Story!

If true it’s amazing.  If not true, I’m still amazed.


Color Test

Just a post to test text and background colors



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